Website Design

Website Realization

Photo Credits and Copyrights
Daniel Oliver Bachmann (Carboneras Community)
Timothy Hursley (A Little House and Fire Station Five)
Elliott Kauffman (A Skirt House)
Chantal LeLievre (Carboneras Community)
Norman McGrath (Women in American Architecture and Law Office)
Stan Ries (Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo models)

Renderings and models
By-encore (Museum of Women Gallery rendering)
Jeff Bacon and Peter Pfau (On [Postmodern] Space model) Haji Uesato (Skirt House model) (9-11 Memorial renderings)
Kevin Gordon and Susana Torre (Ellis Island renderings)
Ines Gross (Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo Houses models)
Jane McGroarty (American Woman’s Home model, Women in American Architecture Exhibition)
Mark Robbins (Couchair and Couchtable models)

Projects in Association
Fire Station Five, in association with WASA Architects and Engineers.

The galleries of The Museum of Women were part of an Invited Museum Competition in association with Fox and Fowle.

Carboneras Community Architects of Record: Estudio DA-3.

Special Recognition
To Geoffrey Fox, for editing and Spanish translation of the web site.

To all my former students and employees, whose contributions, intelligence and effort are deeply and forever appreciated.

To the Heresies co-founders; the Heresies 11 Collective; and the members of the Women in American Architecture Exhibition team, for our solidarity towards one another and the good work we did together.